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BrightBeam Accessories Brochure

+ Laser Safety Goggles

These goggle are specifically designed for high power laser products. These are certified high quality laser safety goggles that fully protect your eyes but also allow the evidence fluorescence come thru for examination.

+ Heavy Duty Transport Case

BrightBeam can be fit easily into these high quality Pelican transport cases with custom cutout foam interior to protect the BrightBeam system from all elements and mechanical damage. The case has retractable handles, O ring seals, rolling wheels, and pressure equalization ports for air transport.

+ Specialized Camera Filters (many sizes available from 32 to 60mm)

These filters quickly and easily attach to any camera to protect your camera from laser light but also allows fluorescence light thru to capture the high quality illuminated sample (Come in Red, Yellow and Orange, Please specify size lens being used)

+ Table Top Articulating Arm (and attachments)+ Tripod

For the most versatility and for a sturdy table top or crime scene setup, The BrightBeam systems are designed to quickly attach to a standard articulating arm or tripod camera base (using 1/4-20 screw). BrightBeam offers both an articulating arm or tripod base as accessories.



Please contact BrightBeam Forensic Lasers for more information or technical details on any or all of these accessories.



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