Newsletter - March 2016

BrightBeam Technical Brief:  Going Beyond Green...

As the BrightBeam blue laser systems are being adopted into more and more forensics laboratories across the world, customers are continually reporting back excellent results utilizing the 445nm high power laser.  The combination of high power and the 445nm wavelength light is a perfect match for the Ardrox absorption spectrum along with RAM and RAY (which also contain mixtures of Ardrox, M.B.D or Basic yellow).  These reagents are all very sensitive fluorescent dyes in the blue laser excitation region.  These chemicals when coupled with high power blue laser light are proving to outperform the lower power ALS systems and compliment the higher wavelength green lasers.  Using the higher power and targeted blue wavelengths also allows you to get the best performance from Ardrox, RAY and RAM without the health issues of using UV lamps and possible damaging exposure to UV-A light.

Ambient Light vs Blue Laser Illumination (CY-RAY)

Use the slider above to reveal the finger print under high power blue laser illumination - orange Laser filter used

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Staying up to date on Grants...

Looking for the money to expand your labs capabilities? The BrightBeam team can direct you to the latest sources of grant money. The following grants are a good place to start:

Forensic Science Center of Excellence Program 2014-NIST-FS-COE-01 (Due date December 11, 2014)

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NIJ FY 14 Research and Development for Publicly Funded Forensic Science Laboratories to Assess the Testing and Processing of Physical Evidence

NIJ-2014-3732 (Due date December 15, 2014)

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